Usual Questions for Car Removals

Usual Questions for Car Removals

What make and models of car is acceptable?

At Car Removals Melbourne every vehicle will be valued. May it be Honda City, Subaru Forester, Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Vanagon, or etc; we accept it regardless of its condition. Our Car Removals team will generate the value based on your vehicle’s make, model, age, condition. However, we assure you that no matter its condition – we will still buy your vehicle and provide you the service that you need.

Is it really FREE?

With every transaction you will have in Car Removals Melbourne are guaranteed to be free at cost. Towing or removing your vehicle from your place to our junk yard will be absolutely free and no charges will be deducted from your appraisal value.

Vehicle without documents

Processing of your paper works are part of our service. Car Removals Melbourne will be the one to assist you and take care of all the documents you needed. You just have to inform us in immediately so that we can manage it on time.

Where to sell?

If you located at Melbourne or at nearby areas, you can directly sell your junk and scrap vehicle to Car Removals Melbourne. We are available anywhere in Melbourne area. Our team is professional in helping you getting rid of your vehicle and it is our job to provide an easy and fast process. Also Car Removals Melbourne is guaranteed to pay top cash on the spot. All of these services for FREE.

Will it be a door-to-door service?

Definitely yes! It is included and part of our service to knock on your door for your convenience. However, if you wish to drive it to our junk yard then you can do it so. Your appraisal value will be the same as we had in agreement.

What documents are needed?

It may be helpful to us if you have the documents of your vehicle such as the title of your vehicle and other paper of vehicle registration. Your identification card is also one of the most important requirements we need – may it be driver’s license or passport.

Why sell at Car Removals Melbourne?

Car Removals Melbourne offers the highest appraisal value you could get. If your location is in Melbourne then you can instantly call us. It will be the easiest and quickest car removal you will experience. Friendly and professionals assistance will be provided to you. No hassle in dealing with paper works and getting quote. We will make sure that helping our customer will be a success and cleaning the environment will be accomplished.

How to contact Car Removals Melbourne?

Dial and call our hotline 03 9020 5406 and provide the details of your vehicle that you wish to sell. We will provide the quote instantly and schedule you for our service. Once you have agreed to our service, our team will come by at your place to pick up the vehicle and give you’re the payment. Or you can visit us in our website in Car Removals Melbourne home page.