3 Types of Towing Trucks

Different Types of Towing Trucks

Tow trucks were manufactured for the lifting, hauling, towing and pulling heavy equipment such as vehicles. Tow trucks are normally used for transferring vehicles from one place to the other safely and properly. But with every kind of vehicle, there is a corresponding truck to be used. It is for the purpose of convenience, safer, and faster towing to be done. In Car Removals Melbourne, we offer cash for cars that are unwanted, scrap, and damaged to be towed in our yard.

Flat Bed Tow Truck

This tow truck has a long flat surface at the back where the vehicles are placed. For the vehicle to put on the top, its hydraulics system will make the flat bed move down and be tilted creating a ramp. This creates an easy access for the vehicle to get on board by driving it through the ramp. Once the vehicle was placed, its hydraulic system again will move the ramp to its proper place. Flat bed tow trucks are the most usual tow trucks for moving vehicle safely without creating scratches and relieving pressure from it.


Hook and Chain Tow Truck

An example that you could easily imagine is the cartoon character from Cars named as Mater. However, nowadays hook and chain tow trucks are made bigger so that they can fully lift the vehicle or any other heavy equipment. The chains will be wrapping around the vehicle ensuring that it is secure and stable. A large hook will be attached to the chains so that it can lift the vehicle and transfer it to another place. These may leave some scratches and damages to the vehicle because of the chains tightly attached. Therefore, hook and chain tow trucks are used for junk, scrap and wrecked vehicles.

Wheel lift Tow Truck

This tow truck is somehow a combination of flatbed tow trucks and hook and chain tow trucks. However, instead of chains for the vehicle to be lifted is that it has a metal yoke to be placed under the vehicle. Securing the metals to hold the wheel of the vehicle will lift it partly. Its hydraulic system will make the metal lift up the front side of the vehicle leaving the backside on the floor assuming that the wheels at the back are working. Wheel lift tow trucks are used to perform towing service without damaging the vehicle’s body.

Knowing the model and make of the vehicle helps us to decide what type of tow truck will be used. Especially the condition of your vehicle `determines the appropriate tow truck for easier towing service. Car Removals Melbourne wanted to perform service for you in the most convenient way. For more information about our towing services, call Car Removals Melbourne through 03 9020 5406 or visit our website. I assure you to provide professional and free car removal services when having business with Car Removals Melbourne.