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Get Cash for Cars in Melbourne

If you are thinking to remove your car in Melbourne area and don’t want to pay towing charges, then you are at right place. We remove cars,van, trucks, 4wds in Melbourne and we pay instant cash for it. Doesn’t matter how old is your car and what’s the condition. We’ll buy you vehicle for cash from any location in Melbourne.

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In order to get an idea about your car worth, you need to call on 03 9020 5406. We’ll ask your car make, model, year, condition and location. After that you’ll get a price quote. Once you happy with price quote let us know. We’ll book your car for removal according to your suitable time. We’ll come to location and will pay you cash with the removal of your car from your property.

Cash up to $12,999 for Car Removals

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With Car Removals Melbourne, you always get decent and reasonable price for your car removal. You can get instant cash up to $12,999 with no extra fee for pick up and removal with paperwork. We pay cash on spot to our customers in order to avoid payment delays. When you deal with us about your vehicle removal then you should keep in mind that you are getting the top most price for your car. And we give guarantee to our customers that they will get maximum cash for your car removal.

Free Car Removals in Melbourne

When we buy cars, there are so many free services that we offer is Melbourne area. The biggest one is free car removal Melbourne service. Through this service, we tow, pick up and remove your old, damaged, scrap and unwanted vehicles in Melbourne. To read more about this free car removal Melbourne service, click on the image below.

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Cash for Commercial Trucks and Vans

We buy all make and models of light and heavy commercial vehicles. We pay top cash for vans, trucks, utes and 4wds. Get paid up to $12,999 for all commercial vehicle regardless of make, model, year and condition. Same as cars, we offer free removal, pick up and towing with documentation. So, if you’ve any used, old, damaged, scrap, junk or unwanted commercial vehicle, then we are the best platform for you where you can trad in your vehicle. Running not running, rusted, scrap, engine problem, mechanical problem. No worries. We’ll still buy your commercial vehicle for cash.

Cash for Cars Removals Melbourne service Areas

We buy and remove cars from all suburbs of Melbourne. Our Locations

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How do I get rid of my old car in Melbourne?

Contact us via the online forms on our website or call us directly on 03 9020 5406.
ALL MAKES & MODELS. We pay fantastic Cash on the spot dollars for Cars, as well as Utes, vans, jeeps and trucks.
ANY CONDITION. Our company has a firm commitment in recycling which is why we will buy vehicles in all conditions.

How do I get rid of a car I don’t want?

The fastest way to get rid of an old car is to sell it to a Cash for Cars Company.
Sell it to a Car Wreckers.
Sell it yourself.
Trade it in.
Use an online car selling platform.
Donate it.
Junk it.

How do you scrap a car in Australia?

A step-by-step guide
Step One: Is it time to get rid of the car?
Step Two: Begin the online Cash for Scrap Cars search.
Step Three: Secure the title for your car and all the information.
Step Four: Remove everything from the body, except the body.
Step Five: Contact the Dealer.
Step Six: Arranging a pick-up time.

Is it worth scrapping a car?

It’s always worth leaving your vehicle as intact as you can and avoiding attempts to sell individual items. Even if you do remove parts, there’s no sure way of knowing you’ll sell the components for a fair price. Your car will be worth more if it’s complete than if it has parts missing.

How do I get rid of my old car for cash?

Selling old car for cash require various ways , either through a dealer or directly through a website or ad listing, such as Craig’s list, Gumtree or a local newspaper.
Car Removal
Giving it away.
Trade-in at Dealership your old car.
Sell your old car parts.

What is the scrap value of a car?

Prices around $150 are fairly common. Which means the average car is usually worth somewhere around $300 to a scrapyard. However, if your car has parts that are salvageable or can be sold at auction, negotiate further with the junkyard for a higher car scrap value. You can also keep looking around for a better quote.

How much Cash for Cars Pay?

Cash for Cars Prices are depends on Make , Model, Year and Condition of your vehicle. How many parts of that vehicle car wreckers can sell to people. Also need to consider daily price of Scrap Metal on that day. Car Prices can changes based on demand and supply of used auto parts. Call us to Today to sell vehicle to car wreckers Melbourne.

Find Car Removals Near me?

If you are Looking for Local Car Removals so quickly searched for ‘Car Removals near me’ and car removals Melbourne Website will showed up on google.

How to get money for your junk car?

Contact Car Removals Melbourne and fill quote form on our website or call directly on our phone number to get instant quote for your scrap cars.