My Car is Broken, Should I fix it or sell it to Junk Car Removal?

Accidental cars like this are too expensive to fix.
  • Water/ Flood and hail Damage
  • Insurance total salvaged
  • Nuisance in the Yard
  • Blown Transmission or Engine
  • Damaged Exteriors

Should you fix your car or sell it to a junk car removal?

Questions like that is a tough decision-making process. But here’s an article that might help you in the end.

Most car owners will eventually have to say goodbye to their most beloved car. The reasons will vary. They could lose their car due to vehicular accidents, mechanical issues, physical issues like corrosion, or perhaps the car is simply at the end of its lifecycle.

There is, however, a time period that car owners go through. This period is what I would call the “gray area” when cars experience regular breakdowns but aren’t broken enough to be considered under the junk cars category. It is in this time period when the car spends more time in repair shops than on the road.

Over the years, my family and I have owned several cars, and we have also experienced going through this annoying time period. Cars that have served us well for many years are very difficult to sell, especially if buying a new car is way over budget to be considered practical. But if car repairs are slowly poking holes through your pockets, what should you do?

4 Things to consider before selling your car to Junk Car Removal

Your car is already broken, should you have your mechanic fix it, or is it really time to let it go? In today’s blog post, we will list down the things to consider before making this major decision.

  • What is the current value of your car?

If, like most car owners, you’re considering selling your car to a private buyer, how much are you planning to sell it? Your car may have served you well, but since it has already underwent several repairs, it is far from perfect. To know your car’s value, find out the how much it is worth in the current market then take into account all the issues and repairs that it has gone through. Calculate it accordingly. You may try to bargain with buyers, but never overestimate or underestimate its value.

If selling it seems like a good option, go ahead and sell it, but if not, perhaps you can still try and get it repaired.

  • How are you going to replace it?

Let’s say that repairing your vehicle is no longer possible considering the damages and/or physical problems that it has, getting it junked by a Melbourne car removal company would be good way to go. However, once you get rid of your junk car, how do you plan on replacing it? Without a car, getting to places would not be as easy.

Are you planning to replace your old car with a brand new one? Or would you rather buy a used car? Decide carefully and take into account your current budget. Buying brand new cars can be way too expensive while choosing used cars could be quite risky. There are a lot of scrap car removals companies in Melbourne who offer cash for cars services. Basically, these companies will pay you money in exchange for your old car, which will be dismantled, reused, and recycled.

  • How much are you spending on repairs?

The third factor that you should consider is how much money you are spending on all the car repairs. Let’s say you’ve been getting major repairs once a month, find the average monthly amount you’re spending and multiply it to twelve. If the amount exceeds the amount that you would pay for when you buy a new car, then getting your car scrapped would be the most viable option.

  • Is your car still road-worthy?

Some car owners may think that their car is doing fine until their brakes, clutch, or accelerator stops working mid-drive. This may seem too scary but it happens, and it sometimes, it can cost you your life. If every part of your car has already been repaired multiple times, you need to get a major security check-up.

If keeping it fully-functional and safe is too expensive, don’t put your life on the line. Contact a junk car removal company.