Melbourne Car Removal Myths

Car Removal Myths in Melbourne 

More and more car owners living in Melbourne are realizing the benefits of getting their junk car removed from their property. Because why not? Old vehicles that are no longer running don’t have much if a purpose. In fact, owners are keeping them simply because of their sentimental value. By letting Melbourne car removals take care of it, not only are they freeing up some much needed space, they are also getting hundreds or even thousands of dollars in return. Aside from receiving profit, they are also playing a part in keeping the Melbourne environment clean by reducing junk and waste.

Sadly, many vehicle owners still choose not to avail of such services. They would rather let their cars develop rust and grime instead. This is because of the numerous misconceptions surrounding the car recycling industry. In today’s article, I will list down 4 of these myths and the truths behind them.

car removal Melbourne Myths

Car Recycling Myth #1: Melbourne car recyclers are picky

What’s bothersome about this myth is that it prevents people from even considering selling their vehicles to recyclers. They would forego calling the companies due to the belief that these companies are picky and their car would promptly be rejected.

The truth is that Melbourne cars removal and car recycler companies will take almost any type of vehicle regardless of its make, model, and condition. These companies offer to remove all vehicles for dismantling and wrecking because there are parts that can still be reused. If there are none, they would still take the car to metal crushers for further processing.

Car Recycling Myth#2: The cars are too broken/old to be resold

People who own old, broken, or accident cars believe that their vehicles are no longer valuable. As stated in myth number one, Melbourne car removals will purchase all vehicles for surprisingly good prices. Even if your car is no longer running, covered in rust, or if it’s completely wrecked, companies would still take them for recycling. While the cars themselves may no longer be resold as a whole, the spare parts could still be recovered and fixed.

If you think your car is too wrecked, think again. Your car can still be sold. Of course, cars in good condition will receive higher price offers but that doesn’t mean that your car is completely worthless. Call the nearest auto recycler in your area to get a free price quote.

Car Recycling Myth#3: It will cost you time and money

Back then, this could be considered as a truth. Companies before used to ask their customers for various service and storage fees, not only that, but the paperwork that needs to be filled up are simply too many to be called convenient.

Fortunately, things have changed for the better. The emergence of different companies and the demand for good quality spare parts in Melbourne has paved the way for totally free car removals services. The progress in technology has also allowed for a much easier and faster way of filling up forms. Now, the amount of paperwork that needs to be done have been reduced, or even completely removed from the process.

Car Recycling Myth#4: The amount of cash I will receive is not worth the effort

Good car removal companies are known to offer the large amounts of cash to car owners who are willing to sell their old and unwanted vehicles to them. These companies can pay up to $8,999 in cash, depending on what car make, model, and condition your car is in. Moreover, tighter competition between scrap car removals businesses means higher offers. This only makes things better for car owners like you.

There are more myths regarding the car removal process, but these 4 are the most common ones that I hear from car owners. If you’re still doubtful about getting your car removed, don’t hesitate to call us at 03 9020 5406 to get a free quote.