How to Get a Free Melbourne Car Removal Service

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Nearly all car owners will experience watching the end of their vehicle’s life cycle. At this point, the vehicle would begin breaking down slowly. At first, car owners may try to get it repaired but eventually, the car will be too broken to fix. At this point, they would often deem it impractical to continue getting it repaired. Instead of letting it gather dust and rust, why not avail of a free Melbourne car removal service?

Most residents think that getting your car removed and disposed is pricey. The good news is that we at Car Removals Melbourne offer a free old car removals service which is fast, easy, and hassle-free because we will be the ones who will go to your location to get your car towed away. Aside from that, we will also be the ones to pay you in full cash on the spot!

Melbourne car owners are entitled to our free services and we offer a satisfying price.

Melbourne car removal

Our 5-step Free Car Removal Process

Step #1: Pickup your phone and call our hotline at 03 9020 5406.

Step #2: Talk to our can expert and don’t forget to provide the details of your car such as its overall condition, age, make and model. Based on experience, you can get a higher price offer for the most popular can makes like BMW, Citroen, Kia, Honda, Holden, Nissan,Japanese, Subaru, Suzuki and other prominent car makes. Our toyota auto parts team are particularly experienced with this specific car make.

Step #3: After you provide all these details, please wait until our car professional completes the assessment. Once they are done, you will get a free price quote so you would know the precise value of your vehicle.

Step #4: If you agree with our offer, you can then provide our team with the exact location where your old car is parked. Our team will then go to your location to proceed with the full assessment. The process usually only takes about 25 minutes. Factors to be evaluated include but are not limited to:

  • The car’s history such as the previous repairs done, purpose of usage (usually evaluated for commercial vehicles), and more.
  • Its make and model will also be assessed
  • Its age
  • Any existing issues and/or damages both physical and mechanical

If you have the papers and receipts, please present it to our team members as it could greatly expedite the evaluation process.

Step #5: Once evaluation is done, we can then continue with the scrap car removals process. At this point, you will then receive your full payment in cash and your car will immediately be taken to our Melbourne scrap yard.

The burden of owning a broken and non-functional vehicle can be quite heavy and car owners can attest to that claim. Seeing the satisfaction and relief in the faces of our customers once they finally receive the cash in exchange in their scrap car is what keeps us going. If you’re having trouble finding ways to get rid of an old auto, we at Car Removals Melbourne will be here to help!